Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hard Decision

Hey... back blogging le... hope no one miss me haha... Yesterday ( 26/04/07 ) I and Jin Cai went to watch the show Turistas well it's M18 so he expectes it to be exciting lol but it turned out to be bloody, and somehow disguesting... haha... anyway it's nice show to watch (if you have the guts to finish watching the movie eye open wide) haha... after that went to eat somthing then take train go home le... oh ya... on my way back found some $$$... haha... HAPPY-go-LUCKY guy ??? you bet !!!

For today ( 27/04/07 ) it's kinna short...went to company office with SY to get the Time Sheet to record down... along the way, we talk about just about anything that come to our mind many things to chat about.... anyway SY is like my "ta ge" ... i think he don't know ba... but he's so much better then me... which makes me sometimes "admire " him sia =/ well i know 1 thing for sure... i will do my best to keep up with him !!!

Then i heard alot of things happen after since Last Sunday till today, now then i know that we got posted to different place for the Singtel Pre-paid Roadshow which is about $8/hr ... hmm after i heard it i sms to Seng asking that will he still work ?? haiz i think he also dun wanna work liao ba... so far... he and Xing Posted to ECP ( East Coast Park ) there sia... so far... so i think they quit, but as for me ? my place had changed from 23,26 Chander Road to Blk 668 Chander road while my another friend posted to Robinson road ? haiz... why must the person in charge seperate us all sia...!!!

After reading tru the E-mail that May sented, i noticed that Seng and Xing's name is not in the Weekend Staff List liao... did they quit ? i think so... I am still thinking , should i quit or not... haiz... aready lost moral after knowing that our group " Seng, Xing, YS and me " was seperated after the 1st roadshow @ Little India... then now that Seng and Xing quit... Really lost... lost in the decision on weather wanna quit or not... should i stay for the money or.... haiz so frustrated.... but i had to make this decision quick... this Sunday will be working again, but this time i am alone... haiz.......... This sux man... i hate this feeling !!! Anyway it's getting Late le... Nite All...

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Fallen_On_3:30 AM

Monday, April 23, 2007

Super Tired....

Haha... today (22 April 07) super tired... now then got chance to blog lol.... woke up @ around 11.30am when seng call me to eat breakfast 10 mins later ( which is 11.40am or so)... but i still sleeping lol... after the call i wake up prepare liao then go to the coffeeshop meet seng and gou xing which is around 12pm+ liao... haha... no time to eat liao so i never buy my food... then go there... on the way to Little India Mrt station from Marsiling Mrt station, we 3 talk alot of thing macham 2 years never talk to each another liao... which is like only hmm 4 months never talk face to face aready ??? Haha... On the way there liao seng keep on saying the closer he reaching the place the more he don't feel like working liao haha... after we reached the Little India station we got lost sia... walk here walk there lol... use up around 30 mins find the place... but end up we found haha... reach there about 1.20pm liao.... 1.30pm must be there... 1st few hour till 3pm we do nth @ there sia... then one guy wear white T-shirt come to our place and want 3 person go other branch sia... lol so seng, gou xing and me go lo... haha... go to 2nd branch liao which is like 5 mins walk then @ there also do nothing.... give out prizes to those people who spin the wheel lol... after a few hours the another guy call us go outside Mustafa shopping center there help out which is so damm crowded sia... haha... work till so tired then somemore OT sia, haha... after work which is around 11pm we take train home lo... ate supper @ 167 when we reach Marsiling which is around 1.30am ba lol... then go home le... so tired and brain-dead haha.... but it's a fun job to have... hmm now then i know seng and i had something in common... haha want to know ? find out yourself... haha... anyways gtg liao it's 2.08am and i am still blogging... omgz.... Nitez...

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Fallen_On_1:55 AM

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bad Hair-Day...

Today woke-up at 12.30pm... Turn on the com... then put - afk - then went to bath awhile ( as you know i don't really like the smell of sweat after i wake up) haha... actually he wanna meet me at 1.30pm de... but i still play com.
After meet up with one of my bro for haircut and eat lunch ( The hairstylist was friendly, maybe i will recommand ppl go there ba haha)... can forget about breakfast liao... coz it's aready 1.30pm... then he came my house play my PS2... play till around 5.30pm le he say how i wish i can complete it... then i just say take home and play loh, don't spoil it can le... i trust you that you will return me the PS2... even if you don't want return also nvm one la... if you dun return then i come your house get loh, talking about going to your house.... erm... where you stay ar ??? ... haha... nvm ... i know you so long le, my trust is with you bro.
Count yourself lucky ba bro, you know only a few of my friend can get permission to lent my PS2 or my things ?
Hmm at the moment thinking of tomorow activities liao... sure is a tireing day for me tomorow man... bleah haha... time to sleep liao... so tired le and it's aready 11pm !!! omg... ... Night...

Love You All Brothers
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My very First Post

Hey Yo.. this is my 1st post... Thanks for reading this... i know this blog sux - no Cbox, no mp3 player, no this no that - I am still working on the layout... give me a break k ??? just created this blog... what more can you expected...

There is questions which as been uttering around me for sometime le... and i finally got the answer...

Question :

What does being a best friend mean to you? What does someone have to do to become your best friend?

Answer :

A best-friend is someone that you tell everything.
someone you can't wait to see.
someone who would risk their life for you.
Best-friends are people who if they died, your life would feel useless and not needed.
Someone who youu can call at any time just because your cat died and they would stay on the phone with you until you stop crying.
someone that you can trust and can't see life without.
Someone who is needed not wanted.
A best-friend will love you as a friend no matter what.
You could be the geekiest, Ugliest, Dumbest person in the world and they would still be your friend.
A Best-friend is always there spiritually.
and someone you actually care about what they say.

Believe it or not it's somewhat true... well if you disagree, then find the answers yourself... eventually you will get almost the same answers as mine...
will be updating this blog soon... check back later..

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