Thursday, February 12, 2009

Same O' thing

Hi aLL !!! Hi ALL who is still reading this blog... nth much to blog, just now just registered to Poly... hope can get in ba, best is can get in the same class with Jin Cai ! haha... now had to wait le... haiz...
Recently dun feel so well, want play basketball also no mood... where are my friends ? ??? aways i ask why... so i think i should start saying why NOT ya ? why "NOT" they pangsei me? why "not" didn't ask me out? Hmm... ORD @ 12 May 2009, dunno is happy about it or what. Sad Sad....

Aready Found Someone Better then YONGHAN
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Fallen_On_3:32 AM

...The Droplet...

Name: James Ooi aka Daerious Ooi
Country: S'pore
Likes: Hanging out with friends
Quotes: Er... Huh ?

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