Friday, May 25, 2007


So busy this days sia, dun even have time to blog... but finally found 1 day le...
I had make Pre-preparations for NS liao wor.... almost brought all the stuff for NS... Run, jogging, cycling.... etc... @ night, burnning up the remainding "energy" before you sleep is so shiok sia.... long time never feel so exhausted haha... my leg muscle are having cramps every time i take a step... haha...the day before yesterday went for night running till morning.... then yesterday went cycling till morning sia.... haha... what's next ?? swim the whole afternoon ? haha... maybe... get myself tanned at the same time.... i rest 2 days le... tml contiune my activity again... actually today got cycling @ Pulu Ubin, but i didn't go... leg problem ar.....

Here are some pictures i took this past few days.... enjoy hehe...

Image Hosted by

The "Whatever" drink

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

haha... 5 Star buffet... a treat by my mum...


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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Casper's Pre-B'day Celebration

Hello all... wah getting more and more lazy posting blog liao sia... haha... must change... must change hehe.... Today ( 16/05/07 ) just in case if you are wondering why am i awayes post the day before.... it's because i am too tired and awayes overslept till 1am then woke-up to find some food lol.... don't know why this days in the middle of the night i will get hungry one sia... so hungry that i can even hear my own stomach grow-ning... and it woke me up also.... weird.... tell me what's going wrong with me haiz....

Anyway today went to Kbox near AMK hub there with my brother and Casper just to celebrate Casper's B'day 1 day before or so... haha... we had a great time there... sing till "zhao sia" also still singing lol... end up all laughing... haha...

After we went to Kbox, we 3 went to AMK hub there eat Pepper Lunch... haha... here's a pic of him eatting happily...

Image Hosted by

haha... that's my Brother if you don't know ... oh ya i also brought this

Image Hosted by

Yep it's a special necklance.... hope this is the last one i gonna buy for anyone... really....

after that we went home le.... so tired ( and hungry now )... haha...


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Monday, May 14, 2007

Best Ramen in S'pore

Hehe... Today (12/05/07) went to orchard plaza for their best ramen in Singapore !!! it cost only $12 and i and my brother thought that it cost $16 coz those people said that in forum... maybe $16 is with the price of the water ba... haha... ate the 1st Ramen... Shyro - dunno spell correct or not... its' nice wor... the soup is thick... the meat is generous-ly cutted big slice haha... here's some pic of it:

Picture Hosted by

Picture Hosted by

Picture Hosted by

~~~Thanks to my brother's cam.~~~
Haha... look tastey huh ??? It is !!!... I and my brother will be back for soon haha... for the time being... just hope that we got time to go together.... oh ya... 1 more thing, the Shop only opens from 12pm - 2pm, and 6pm - 2am... haha... weird yeah ??? maybe all Jap restaurent open @ such a weird timming...

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Stomach Problem...

Argh!!! Today woke-up so eairly (6.00am) coz my stomach not really happy... bomb toliet almost 2 times liao lor in the morning nia... sian.... anyway i tried to upload the image for the past 30 mins and finally i got it !!! here's a pic that i took from my V3x at around 8am from my bedroom's window

Picture Hosted by

Nice view huh ?? haha... anyway finally found out how to post images... hehe... oh ya yesterday got the Enlistment letter also... after the long wait... guess what... i didn't got in commandos, guards or even Combat Engineers !!! ARGH !!!! i want them -.- oh well, i got into 6th SIR (Singapore Infantry Regiment)... it's like worst nightmare came true loh... haha anyway i will try my best to enjoy there... not to mention trying to stay alife there... haha.... anyway it's a long day ahead... the weather is cooling now... i like it... hehe... that's for now... anything i will add later.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Thinking Back

I don't want to be a mentor to anyone... i just wanted to be your best friend... it feel... it feel terrible to made someone who is actually happy in their way of life more miserable... Sorry brother, i am not fit to be your mentor... please forgive me.

From bleach episode 32, i had learned that bonds are created tru friendship that lasted for several years, spending most of their time or moments together, and not lecturing each another...i am really sorry brother.

Please don't make me your mentor... i had no rights to change the way you are now since you are happy with the way you are living right now, why must i interfere with it then... haiz... felt so bad bro...

Thinking back the pass few days, you are not very confortable whenever i talk with you. I know that i didn't treat you as same level as me as in respect and all that... sorry brother, i know i am wrong. i should had just let you be what you wanna be and not restricting you to do or being something/someone else... once again sorry...

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Shopping with my Brother

Hey, today woke-up @ around 11.30am just because something had happen... I thought there is a fight going on... so i had to make preparations to go there.... but end up my brother solved it himself... cool huh ??? he did call me asking what to do... but i just advice him to hang on the situation 1st lor... while i was on the way to his school to talk to his teacher... the teacher also abit how to say... religious.. that's what i hate about her... got chance really gotta lecture that teacher... but he solved the problem before i was gonna to take taxi to his school...

Yep after that incident, went to CauseWay Point with him... talked alot about the incident lor... lol 1st we went to LJS there eat... then went to Swenson to eat Crumbles haha... then finally we reach the Food Mall to eat... lol eat alot hor... =x haha.... abit tired le... just went home from the walk walk with my brother @ Cwp... Thanks Brother... after what i told you yesterday, now then i know you trusted me more le... i can see it in your eyes brother, how i know? it's for you to find out =]

PS: I still dunno how to upload images >_< ... anyone can teach me ???


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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Long Lost Brother

Today really happy to see my long lost Brother again... so long never see him le... *my tears(tears of joy) nearly went out when i saw him* and it's around 3 years le since i saw him face 2 face le lor... haiz... cannot blame wor... he stay @ AMK i stay @ MARS... you know it's far mah... somemore now pay adult fare le... no more 50cent trip le haiz... sad... how i wish i had a second house @ AMK wor... like that everyday can meet him out to play and chat le... is yet another day that i burned my pocket again.... well i think this is the last time i gonna get my pocket burned for this week but it's worth it.... haha went to watch Spiderman 3, a wooping 140 minutes ( 2 hours 20 mins ) movie !!!
This is all that happened today :

- went to Bishan buy 2 ticket for my Brother and me
- went to AMK Hub to take a walk
- saw Rui Xian ( My CO friend)
- wait for my brother till i almost become ice/statue
- finally
-around 2.45pm- saw him with his 2 new secondary school friend (Casper and Sevester) * dunno spell correct or not
- went to Bishan to get 2 more tickets for his friend
- play arcade
- brought popcorn then went to the theater
- show end around 6.20pm
- 1 of his friend (Sevester) * dunno spell correct or not, went home first (Act guai) HaHa...
- went to the shop Xcraft to buy Temp spray for my Brother
- we 3 went to Swenson to eat - i ordered a Apple Crumble and my brother ordered a Chicken Bake Rice - total bill is $37.80
- paid $28 for the meal and chat for quite some time there although food finish... HaHaha...
- went home @ around 7.30pm

Hey brother, a few more things i wanna tell you if you are reading this blog...

Firstly, don't be so *blur* leah, you got brain one right, people ask you do this please use your brain to think 1st then do it or say you want it.
Secondly, one of your good friend ( i assume both is your good friend as there is no other people go ) is not really a good person... beware... i give you a hint le, don't say i don't didn't let you know...
Lastly, i am looking forward to meeting you again my cute little Brother...

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Fallen_On_8:25 PM

Old Friend Gathering

Back to blogging finally... haha... it's been a long day for me tho... morning woke up then took a bath, and edited this wonderful layout recommanded by my Brother... haha, around 1.30pm take a nap then overslept... gone, actually meet Ming @ 2.15pm de but ahya... the weather so cooling... sleep awhile more also nvm one rite... haha..... then meet ming @ 2.30pm i think... lol so very late... haha...
But anyway, we reached vivo city le... along the way saw someone... haha don't know it's him or not so never call him... haha... went to the kopitiam there drink... then saw Andrew...
After Andrew came... which is around 3.30pm ? We had to wait till 6pm for that 2 aunti to come... call us meet @ Harborfront MRT station then never make it... kns... wait till so long lor.... haha... then i so sian liao i decided to go take a walk as i had been to vivocity the 3rd time nia... ( omg i am so "sua gu" haha, no-one go with me mah, so bored go alone... like some outcast sia... kns i hate that ) went to buy some Doughnuts * I think it's the 2nd best in Singapore, as there is long Q *....
Around 6pm... that 2 Aunti came... then we... nono that 2 aunti and her friend wanna go eat @ the Food Republic there... so very ex.... you know how much a bowl of laksa cost ??? it's a F-ing $6.90 !!! zomg... haha... should had taken pic of the menu.... "hmm will be posting images soon" .... haha... then nvm lo that 2 aunti + her friend and Andrew go buy ... rich fella huh ??? haha... must be...
Ming de gf came shortly after we reach the Food republic... then never eat lor... see them eat... haha... after they ate we go to this restaurent called "Eastern Swenson" the food there is wooping EX !!! lol... joke around about the fisherman's basket i ordered... saying that Singapore no fish izzit... haha.... after we ate... we go walk around then go home le... so tired... but very enjoying tho... pocket burned 1 big hole ar !!! haha... but nvm... as long as i am happy... it's ok = ]
It's getting late le... i had to go sleep liao... tml got to go watch movie with my Brother.... yeah ? long time no see Brother !!! i thought you are dead haha... nite all !!!

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