Friday, January 23, 2009


Hi Hi !!! back from the dead... haha anyone still reading this blog ? i dunno... but here's the recent update...
- 2 days off to enjoy my Chinese New Year !!! hehe...
- Brought new 3/4 short

nothing much ar... just now went to Kevin's house right after book-out to get back my PSP coz i ask him to help update to version 5.0 mah... and at the same time challange DJ MAX Portable 2. Sian lor keep win me on the song Blythe ( 4B ) my best song somemore lor... haiz... then went home.

I also dunno why, everytime i felt the gentle brisk of the wind on me i felt happy, i felt as i can recall all the happy moments Jin Cai and I had spent together and still a great friend afterall.. dunno why lor... just this feeling so weird... I also felt that Jin Cai is my 2nd MENTOR lor since Wei Ming is my first MENTOR * if you dunno what is Mentor, i think you can go search for the meaning... Haha... Yes Jin Cai I like the way you handle stuff, and if i had any problems i will share with you !
BTW, TOMOROW IS ALSO SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY LOR... dunno to WISH HIM HAPPY BIRTHDAY OR Just FUCK It. since he also AREADY did that to me... ya ya i emo. i bad, i evil - [By my Camp-mate Prakaash] haha... so what if i am bad... at least i am too bad for you but i am not too bad enougth for someone like Jin Cai and Wei Ming right... Things change for the better, Did you ?!?
"You am too old to be his friend... you know generation/age gap" as Wei Ming said, i hate to admit it but this is true ! I aways find ways to deny the fact but things aways turn out this way...
I am tired now le, tomorow if i no events, i WILL find myself EVENTS... Time to Dota Awhile then ZZZ hehe... Nitez And thanks For Reading... Gong Xi Fa Chai ? Hehe...

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Blog New Look New James !!!

Hey All !!! finally... Almost done my Blog le... 98% done ... wahahhaha.... what's remain is still the 6 Pictures i need to put !!! lol... Yeah yeah nth much to update lor... went camp do this do that... so sux.. skipped RSAF day gathering, pang sei friends haiz... i so bad hor... oh ya... today nothing much la... just found out that what's enemy to you now might be friend to you in the future !!! hehe...

Also i notice that Yonghan start smoking... wah sad sia... haiz... why why WHY ??? why Smoke ? stress ? Pressure ? whatever reason you gave me, there's still other ways to handle it then SMOKING RIGHT !!!
My gut feeling tells me is that nicky who influenced you to smoke rite ?!? ya so you smoke ? what about me... ? i don't want you smoke you understand ?!?

Fine fine... it's just me then, i guess i am stupid enough to care for someone who dosen't even acknowledge me as his friend... ya ya.. so what ?

O ya ya... pass few days thinking useless thing and found out that Jin Cai is counted my best friend after all.. he's good he's popular and best of all, he can be trusted... Thanks Jin Cai !

I think i should end my crap... Tml going for Running, anyone UP for it ?!? 12pm meet @ Marsiling MRT !!!

It's war Nicky !!!
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