Friday, December 21, 2012

Movies of Inspiration ?

Hi blog, it's been awhile i had posted something new... recently been experiencing different types of things and new stuff...
I do know people or the friends around me will look at me in different view when i said i had watched gay themed movies "The Love of Siam" which is touching. I don't care you gonna say about me, but then i had to say most of the gay themed movie i watched had a good storyboard behind it and most of them had a very sad ending which left me with heavy heart most after watching...

I find this particular quote by one of the female actor meaningful : "没有戒不了的毒,只有戒不了的爱。" 
Rough translate meaning: "You can quit on Drugs, But you can't quit on Love".
The director said : "Addiction to Drugs may appear lethal enough, the addiction to love is even more fateful". which i don't understand what is it...

Been back to my training regime again as i felt that i had enough break... If your wondering what it consist of then
Here's what my regime looks like :
First off is 3-4km jog/run,
Follow by 2 sets of 20 static which consist of
- Forward launches
- Crunches
- Sit-up
- Inclined Wide Arm Push-up
- Inclined Narrow Push-up
- Bridging ( till i can't hold on )
Ending with a short 1- 1.5km slow jog + cool down

I'm still finding ways to improvise... maybe i should start go gym more often ? just maybe...

A few moments ago, while leaning against the wall and thinking what is my own existence in this limited life... What's my goal in the future... so many things ran through my mind, like a chariot on fire and i can't find any answer or solution to them.

Today there's 2 songs i wanna recommend, I do hardly hear Cantonese songs, but here's 1 which i really enjoy : "Fallen Bridge" by Dennis Ng aka 吳彤 - 斷橋之凝結篇 (試聽版)

the 2nd one will be a theme song which i every-time hear during my ITE Macpherson days : Chariots of Fire 

21122012 MANBFM - 21/12/2012 Marks A New Beginning For Me

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Fallen_On_10:40 PM

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Birthday... Mine and Gerald

Happy Birthday !!! i know i should be excited but then... i just don't feel the atmosphere anymore le... i'm now 1 year older... It had been a rough ride for me this few years... both good and sad memories to be kept ...
First and foremost, Happy Birthday Gerald, my 3 years and 2 days younger brother ! which is on the 6th December ! Been to his 1st ever Birthday BBQ party ( i assume ) which he only invited a few of his closest friend... we hand been through a-lot together brother, really a-lot... we shared our ups and downs together. I have to say that i'm really fortunate to have a friend like you, I had known you for around 3 years or more and you will never fail to be there for me even though your busy with your work.

Trust me Gerald, whenever you called me for an listening ear or just go out to have a dinner, no matter how busy I am or how packed is my schedule is, i will make myself free for you no matter how important it is or even if it will cost me my job, I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU. I will not be like YH, who don't care who really put in their heart and soul into building this thing called "friendship". He can say is seasonal friend, or even i can categorize him as friends who don't really bother about the thing called "friendship".
To be honest Gerald ( if your reading this ), I and kind of jealous that you had so many birthday presents given to you that day, seeing you tare through the presents... but at the same time I'm happy for you as i always take your birthday party as mine, so i won't feel so....sad.

I am also having a bad headache a few days ago till now, maybe it's the exam period which i'm having now, maybe i am not resting well enough... or maybe i just put too much hope on YH that he will really value this "friendship"...
You know blog, "friendship" this "thing" is just like a delicate piece paper, a big big piece of paper you know... whatever time we spent together, it is written down on that piece of paper... sure enough you might need some "space" or "isolation time" to space out the writing, so that it's somehow "unique" and won't get "bored"...
I learn from the internet that - " People Change, but Memories Don't " which i agree with what it is and what it meant...

Anyway It's time for me to go get some sleep - yeah i know, i had taken an afternoon nap around 1pm and another nap at 4pm to 6pm how could i be tired... - well i'm mentally tired not physically tho... so yeah time to go sleep... 

Last but not least, I do hope you will get a stable job soon Gerald and i do hope i could help you in any ways.

Finally... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Myself !

Song for today: 【那些年,我們一起追的女孩】

HBTMAG- Happy Birthday to Myself and Gerald !

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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Day I Made A Stupid Move (?)

Hi blog, it's been awhile since i do any update on you le... for a start, i will change this blog skin...
yeah yeah, i know blogging is kind of outdated. But then, i guess this blog is like... my own diary or should i say journal ( i could still remember during sec 2, i was involuntary joined some team-building activity and i was told to write journal of our daily task ).

You should be wondering what happened... what happened in this 2 years that i didn't update my blog... well all i can say is just.... this 2 years had been a rough ride for me... very rough... from emotional distress to physical injury. But then, i will always remember that... there is someone there, right there for me... it's my best brother Gerald... without him, i think i would probably be dead... Along the way there's songs that saved my life too and of coz the song "This Song Saved My Life - Simple Plan" - tagged below

Cried so many time.. it's so pain and only thing for me to relieve is to cry. Been running till i totally - i meant totally extinguished my energy, my way of keeping myself numb and away from my stupid thoughts.

This past 2 years i been through so many sh!t, opened my eyes to so many things... did quite some achievement too, 3 medals for running marathon, and 1 medal - silver for inter-class competition  Now, it's 3rd December 2012... i hope it's time for me to "bite the bullet" and endure the most gruesome phase of my life. I wonder what's installed for me, but i do know that I had faith on myself that i will overcome any obstacles.

As for today I suppose did a stupid move... maybe i don't understand my friends well enough, Maybe... Maybe... I'm just not good enough for anyone, friends like ZT which he promised to help me get through my studies, didn't went well. People like Jin Cai - someone who changed a part of my life, became someone totally different from the person i know... what about Alvin you might ask, i got no comments for him...

I still do remember, memories both good and bad ones... times where i cried out so hard that my mum came in and asked me what happened, in which i did say i'm just... need some private time please... where my mum said, OK.. and left my room...
Good ones like... like how i managed to solved a problem with myself, in which i'm also surprised that i can solve it without anyone's help... times like i found out my body fat % had dropped from 26% to 18%...

I'm also happy that i had solved the Smart Object Technology aka SOT homework Practical 6 myself... the feeling is like... me telling myself, Wow James ! you did it all by yourself ! the device can sent to the database and forwarded to ThingSpeak to generate graph !! haha...
by-the-way my B'day is coming !!! anyone free... no one ?... oh well...

I think i should go get some sleep tonight le... It's 3am and i'm still awake... well song for today is on this post... so there izzen't any haha :)

HIMTRCTA- Hope I Made The Right Choice This Afternoon

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