Friday, February 15, 2013

YH's Enlistment Day (Yesterday)

Hey Blog, It's been awhile since i update my post, getting more and more lazy i suppose. You must be wondering what makes me wanna update this blog ? Simple, because i have a few things i felt that i wanna note down in this Blog aka my online Journal. I had to say, thank you and sincerely apologize if you are following my blog updates, but yeah, i will try to update at least once per month - no promise :)

Well, let me start off with YH's enlistment to NS( Army ). It's yesterday at 10:45am if i recall correctly and now i'm posting this, kind of late huh... but i guess it's better to be late then never. He seems to be excited about the enlistment day as he did ask me quite a few questions like "How to survive the army", which i promptly told him : "just stay safe and follow orders". Along the chat, i jokingly said : "Anything i said, you also won't listen ( even if you listen, you also won't do/apply )". He seems to get annoyed by it, but then i finally said "Enough of my shit. Tell me what you have packed so maybe i could help you sort things out somehow...", he replied something like "ya lo. I was hoping u'll be more constructive." After that we talked lots of stuffs like, the training and my recommendation for him to buy those sports drink in powder form - for morning boost. We chat on FB till around 5:15am or so, then i suggest to him to take a rest, as he will be damm shag later at 10:45am... he agreed and we bid goodbye till i meet him after his 2 weeks confinement.
You might be thinking, why take care of him so much... he's not your real brother or relative. Then i had to ask you, must a person be your real brother or relative to care of ? i always treat him as my real brother since the first time i met him when i was in ITE and he was in Primary School.

On the side note, i will be having my most important exam at 21st February 2013. It carries i 50% i of the final score i think. I do hope i can did well, started studying 2 weeks before the exam - and i was surprised i started so early too haha... I do hope i can get into a University and at the same time, grab a job so i can re-start my investment. Talking about investment, yesterday i brought a book by Robert Kiyosaki to increase my knowledge on investment as money will be the next big problem to me in a few years down the road. I did be glad if anyone wanna co-found a company with me and start a new business so i can earn money 3 ways rather then 2 ways - day time job and investment. Triple the money in, triple the risk i had being bankrupt - no joke.

Lastly i had think hard enough, and planned to re-start my daily run + exercise every night ( if there is no rain ). The exercise consists of the following :

- Leg Lunges x 40
- Inclined push-up ( wide ) x 20
- Inclined push-up ( narrow ) x 20
- Half Sit-up - Something like crunches x Max number of times
- Leg Lift x 5 - Each on max holding time
- Prone Bridge x 3 - Each on max holding time
- Step-up x 50 ( I know this seems stupid but then, i only want results, I don't care if it's stupid )

Lastly, a slow very slow jog/walk about 200m or so then cool down.

Song for today : Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia !



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