Monday, May 24, 2010

...School Life...

HELLO WORLD !!! First of all...I had to say, this will be a short post hehe...
I love my life now... although it's stressful but it's ok... I got helpful Poly-class-mates to help me tru this barrier, and did i mentioned i had hint a barrier earlier this month ? lol... well i'm 'OK' for the time being, don't worry about me - i know who you are -

To me, every barrier is a rock to help me get up to my Goal which is to reach the top of the hill. Not to forget my best friend (?) Alvin ... i had to personally say "thanks" to him for guiding me and helping me back-on-track when i am "Lost"... I help you, You help me... together I hope we will score well... =] cheers Alvin !

Second of all i had to thank Issac, I really enjoy playing Basketball and Cycling with him. Hope we can play more together hehe... and * sorrrrry, I not really hungry during that 1 hr break, that's why i give you half of my rice to you hehe... I know you fat le... but i think you need eat more * - hehe - =x

Not to forget Jin Cai aka Daemian, i hope we can work together ! I really see our difference le, maybe if we work together like how me and Alvin work together, we will really score well ! Yes, I'm fatty, i take it to my heart, and because of that, i will change ! that will be my motivation Brother ! and Yeah, You are always my brother no-matter what !

Sorry if it's a-bit long... (:

3 Cheers to my Brother , Alvin and Issac !

Live your live as if tomorrow never comes !
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Fallen_On_6:01 PM

Thursday, May 13, 2010

__Judgement Day ?__

Today just sux... SUX... I felt as if i gonna break the mirror - in the toilet- after school when i went in there just to wash my face. I hate myself... I HATE myself that - I will never forgive myself for knowing someone like JinCai to be his friend... It feels sucks to be his friend... really... what is friend to you JinCai, what is your definintion of friend ? I hate living in my own world and assume that my definition of FRIEND and your definition of friend is the same...

To me, friend is someone who you feel comfortable talking with, maybe share a common interest and most important all, help each another to grow + learn or when in trouble.

I really want to know...
do you did what you define the word "FRIEND" to me ? did you ?

Most weird thing is, HuanLin tried to solve the problem by just hearing 1 sided story ?

About the project thing, you think in a group of 7 people (including yourself) and 3 people willing to cooperate with the leader while the other 3, just like JinCai, don't even show a dam interest in it while the leader is brainstorming ideas for the project ?
You think the group leader will be that free to keep on asking the other 4 of the members for opinion if by your define - ask them for opinion - if he or she want ideas for e project ?

- I think JinCai will be a WHOLE LOT happier to be in other group. He might just don't dare to voice it out -

What i now know is:
Yes they are :
Lecturer say A then you do A ?
Lecturer say B then you do B ?
Please man... this is not sec school.

If you say i am too serious to have fun around with, then i ask you, if you don't serious about studies, what you expect?
You said i think too much about the project even before the project started.
Then i had to ask you, is it better to think ahead ? is it better to "suffer" now so that you won't "suffer" later on as the deadline draws near ?
You also said, if a group who didn't plan ahead and just do the project and end up scoring maybe a few marks lower then those group who planned ahead, what did i get from that.
I tell you HuanLin, what those group that planned ahead get is the "few" points which they spent EXTRA time planning it ahead and such...

Want play around ? There's school breaks and study week to play around with... why choose study days ?
Maybe your reason is to just make life @ school spiced up abit, i totally agree with you; school will be dull if there izzen't any spice around to spice up school life.

Last, you SAID the MAIN POINT IS: "do you want JinCai in your group ?" I said, whatever/ anything. You know why ? That's how he always answer to ME, i know his respond differs from one person to another person base on how much he actually "like" the person.
I told him before in SMS that if this "chill" continues, i don't think our friendship/bond will last till anywhere in the future just like that i mentioned in my previous post.

So his - JinCai's- choice: "Don't want to be in the same group as me"

Then all i can say is, I guess you really don't like to be with my group. Oh well then, Thank YOU for spending 4 hours of your precious time on the 1ST May to meet up with us - CiEn, Hafiza & James - for the EAIRLY project discussion. I am SORRY that i TRY to get you into my PACE of study while you are not in my PACE.

Here's my song for today:

I skipped work today, because i am afraid i can't control myself and end up beating up a customer and got fired on the spot... so if the Manager or the supervisor decided to fire me just because of today, i will gladly quit, you know why ? you think SWENSON pay me high per hour as an waiter ? It's freaking $4.50 YOU UNDERSTAND ?!? i saw Shangri-la hotel, their waiter work for $8 per hour you know ? it's almost 100% more then the current PAY you KNOW ?...

Things had finally come to an end or it's just the beginning...
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Fallen_On_10:30 PM

Monday, May 10, 2010


Today... Something happened... =| all the best to my knee... it's wearing off le... i can feel it... haiz... and it's 3.03am.... and i am still blogging !!! lol... actually... i did "mirror" on how people around me, be it friends/family members or those people who made me felt ""un appreciated"... actually i am gonna do this "mirror" reflection for 1 week... see what happen... i name it "mirror reflection" because, it's simple, i will just treat you back how you been treating me since the start of May... ya ? so if your friendly to me, i will of coz, friendly =] if your nasty... expect it all to return back to you this week Wahahahaha...

My days are counting (: i knew it since start of 2010... which is why i tried to... have a closer bond with those i before that day... (:

Suddenly this Q come stuck into my mind... If you are there and you didn't even talk to me or even start a simple conversation which last for maybe 5 mins or more... i rather think you sms me better... ya ? am i wrong ? - It's the same as you are not even there ! man... what's the point... I rmb Issac said before, you should really sit down and in a pvt place and talk to him lor... but i can foresee what will happen lor...

A) He will pick up his phone and start calling and SMSing other people - as he find it boring being around with me ? "that's what i felt when he is around with me alone... " -

B) He will start to walk out of the place giving excuses like "stomach-ache or what ever shit"

C) He will kept quiet like he's mute or take out his laptop ( if it's around ) and start playing it...

All this are signs... signs of " finding ways to 'run away' . " all that i read from a book... i knew it coz i pay special attention to the 265 pages of it whenever i read the book last time...

Maybe i think too much le... ar... but nvm... This week... it will be brand new me, reflecting what and how you treated me BACK to you...

Omg... my lappy is asking me to sleep le... ok ba i go sleep le...
Here's a cool Video i should share with you all before i go sleep
- enjoy -

If our relationship/friendship continue like this... I see that by the time we graduate, we won't even be friend
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Fallen_On_3:01 AM

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3rd Week of School...

I wonder it is right or wrong to know someone more... It's just so horrible how MLM can do with the bond we fought so hard to get... i dunno what is wrong man... Maybe the problem is me... Drowned by own sorrow... I wonder.... why is there such a "chill" that i feel every single time i am with JinCai, be it in a group of other friends or together Running and swimming after school...

Will update when i get home... it's time to rush to work... it's 6.22pm !

Finally back from work !!! i know it's late, it's 11.30pm now... and here i am still blogging when most of our poly classmates were in LaLa land le... Back to today... dunno why i still dun feel my energy being used up yet... i after school ended... i still went Running and Swimming with JinCai sia.... then slack @ home watch anime till around 6.22pm then i rush off to work... haha... there... continued from my Original. up message...
Actually, today all the Run and Swim ends @ 1.30pm sia... i also dunno why we are ending our run & swim more and more earlier le... maybe my running too really that f up le... yes yes... i dam fat, i fatty bom bom, but i did my best ( and still doing my best ) to try keep fit man... i can notice i slimmer a-bit le... i dunno is the tan which i had been getting while running without shirt after school with JinCai or.... i really trim down a-bit le... that's a good news... bad news is... my time sheet for April STILL HAVEN'T SIGN YET !!! OMG !!! i scared later they dun accpect then how ? I GGFIED ? NO pay ??? kns... all my fault ba i guess haiz... so dam bzy ever since i started poly... almost everyday - but not Wed - end @ 6pm... lol... how to sign sia...
omg it's 1.38am le... lol... i think it's time to sleep ba... or else tml @ Database lesson i ZZzZZZzZzZZzzz haha... I go sleep le...

Here's a MTV... dam cool ! Check it out!!

Good Night JinCai... i hope i am not irritating you ba =( coz i never get a reply back like: " Ok.. Good Night Brother !" or even a single " Good Night "

Onward James !!
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Fallen_On_6:18 PM

...The Droplet...

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