Saturday, December 1, 2007

7 more days to my very special day...

Hello... it's me again, yeah same old me again... yupz... some-thing(s) never change ba i guess... like me... but wait, i recently notice something... i kinna starting to love myself le... Why ? I don't know !!! I guess I did something CORRECT 3 months ago which made me feel happy and good about myself now ?? Or because something big had happened and i didn't even notice that made me think that way... dunno why but recently when i look at the mirror, i felt abit happy... or maybe i am crazy and think that " wth is that guy on the mirror look so happy while he has so many problems kept locked away ?? "

Anyway... Happy Eairly Birthday to me, Wait... that's my first B'day greeting from my cousin !! Thanks U-wen !!! =]

Hmm if you ask, what do i want for my birthday ( like what Yong Sheng tagged in my tagboard ), then for my 21st birthday all i want is :

A Happy Birthday Song sang to me beside me by my Best Friend or ONE of My Brother

It seems easy to be said but hard to be done...

Next FEW weeks is hell week for me le... I wish myself all the best...
If not who will ?

Talking... have you ever encounted sleeptalking ??? the situation where you talk during the middle of the night to yourself without you knowing that you are talking or you did it ???... well, i had this problem and was finding cure for it... if not i will see a doctor... maybe i am mentally illed...

That's all ba... till then i got mood then i tag... Finally... Thanks to those who are reading this blog... Thank You =

Wondering where YOU are where i needed you...
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