Sunday, January 27, 2008

Primary School Memories

Hi there hi there... it's the plain O James blogging le... dunno why my instinct ask me to blog now...well i think i start off with morning ba...
Well... morning i woke up at around 10am , do the same old stuff... brushing teeth, bathing... etc etc... (you know... normal Morning routine...)
Then start to play Mahjong - online... yep it's Online Mahong... hmm just in case if you are wondering since when i started playing mahjong... well i let me see... should be around... 1st year of H.Nitec ba...
Played mahjong till afternoon around 2.30pm then i felt bored, then i went to my drawer to grab a VCD - the movie is Final Fantasy 7 ( Avatar Children )... yup althought it's a old old movie... but i still like the well defined graphic that those graphic designer did... *good job designers* =]after that... played mahjong again...
So sian today... haiz... thinking of going out to take a walk but... think again that going out alone = very boring leah... like loner... upon seeing other people with a group of friend or just a few (maybe 1 or 2) friend... makes me more sad inside... inside my heart... haiz... sad sad... so today just contiuned to played mahjong till 4.45pm or so... i think my mum knows how i feel today ba... because she ask me a few time in chinese -

Mum : "Jame, you at home not sian meah... go out take a walk lor if you want...
Me : "I know"

(after a few minute at around 4.50pm)

Mum *trys to cheer me up* : "erm, Jame why not you go out buy the Chicken Chop and anything you like to eat from the stall Botak Jones ba, i treat... *place a $50 note on beside my wallet* remember to return me the change"
Me : "you want to eat de hor ?"Mum : "we share ba, since i got cook dinner also"
Mum : "It's raining, you take a bus there buy ba"

Me : "Ok" *took a bath and wait at the bus-stop*

When i was waiting at the bus-stop for the bus... i dunno why suddenly i was like... stunted ?? lol.. was thinking of the dream i had a few days ago where my di (Yong Han) slip and fell off the staircase - which has rain-water flowing down it - and his head hit the railing and went unconscious. I dunno why i saw it... but i can't help but to let it happen in the dream... it was like... i was looking at from some stranger's eye when it happened.

Then the bus came.. the bus came so near the bus-stop and slowed down then i notice the bus came... i was like... huh ? after i took the bus to the place, i went to the 7-11 shop to get a ice-cream... yep it's Kit-Kat's ice-cream for $2.20... and went to place the order which my mum wants me to buy for her. I didn't order mine because i dun feel like eatting wor... waited for like 25 mins then i get the food... paied $14 for it... yep $14... not cheap hor... haha but worth the deal... took a bus after that and alighted near my Ex-primary school *where it had moved to another location* bus-stop... dunno why suddenly i felt like going in the primary school and take a look around when i walk past the main gate... haiz... walk across the school and i saw a few mini-hut, yep those mini-hut with was build for students to study there de... when i saw those mini-huts, it let me recalled of me when i was primary 3 or 4, studying under one those mini-huts and play card-games there after school... i still remembered that i awayes choose the big mini-hut lol... and i still remembered clearly that during recess Marcus and Teck Yuan - don't know i spelled it correctly or not... was at one of the mini-huts playing and we test each another... on questions that we find it hard... like what is 245 x 9. hahaz...

When i was walking across the few mini-huts, dunno why suddely i stopped near the big mini-hut, where last time i awayes hang around thinking, what happend to Marcus and Teck Yuan le... it's been very long since i last saw them which was during primary 4 and i want to know where are they so i can ask them out just like the good old time... haiz... after awhile i started to walk again... saying to myself, James, it's time to move on le... time had changed... it's not 1997 or 1998 le... it's 2008 le... what is past is past le... it's just good old memories which was left for you to think of...

When i reached home... i dunno why i felt sian because i had to book-in to camp tonight at around 9.30pm and start doing night duties till Wednesday afternoon... haiz...sad sad... hope i got something online to cheer me up ba... =]

As for you Yong Han, if you are reading this... i dunno i meet you again is good or bad lor after like 3 years after the first time when i met you was when you are primary 5 or primary 6... now your sec 2 le... you had changed alot di... i really had to admit... and i had to admit that i had aready forgotten you for the past 2 years or so... Till then take care di... i love you awayes...

PS: I will never forget those good old memories that i have when i was in primary school

PAST is PAST, Time to move On... JAMES
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008 !!!

Hey Hey Hey !!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! well...2007 had just passed... and it's time to reflect back what i had did in 2007 ( or what we call that, a round-up for the year 2007 )...Think Think... yeah i did pretty much this year wor... here's a summery ( no point typing a long story unless you wanna know then tell me =] ) :

- Was more daring
- More understanding with my di (YongHan)
- Put myself into the first line of danger to see the value of my life
- Learned how to treasure my blood brother(s)
- Learned how to teh gong + teh siao [ Thanks to Sgt Edward ]
- From a Boy became a Man
- Achived my private goal of crying less then 5 times within a year ( 3 times this year )
- Feel more happy with the way i am
- Have a strong judgement of right and wrong
- Improved my Charisma
- Achived Fineness in my life
- Made lots of new friends
- PoP from 6th SIR ( thanks di for coming )
- Used to the life as a RP in SBAB
- Changed a new mind-set
- Brought a new keyboard for S$80
- Went to my di class-chalet
- Went to shawn's B'day party
- Went to my cousin's weddng dinner

I think that's about all... well just now went to Suntec to watch fireworks... dam pretty ar... the feeling of watching it live and watching it on the TV is totally different lor... You watch it LIVE then you will know the feeling... oh ya... at the same time when the fireworks booms on the sky... dunno why i got the feeling that i am happy... happy till i got tears almost roll down my cheek... =/ i was also thinking why am i like that... maybe that's a part of me that i dun really understand myself...
After that saw alot of pretty girls... till i nose bleed blood le... haiz... seems like a bad Omen to me =[

I think i end here ba... all the best for 2008... My wishes for this year is only 3 things that is....

1. Finish this army smoothly
2. Hope that my di (YongHan) will treat or even acknowledge me as his Blood Brother
3. Better Health... ( i am sick =[ )

A new YEAR, A new HOPE Brothers !
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