Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Exam,,, Holiday... Study (?)

Hey all !!! first of all, thanks for checking or passing by my (this) blog. It doesn't matter if you just want to go to another blog via my blog *because you forgotten their blog address* haha i knew it..

Anyway tomorrow is my final paper " yippee "... i know i know, i have been more and more lazy blogging already...
Lim Rui Xian if your reading this, if you don't intent to return me all the $500 you borrowed/lent from me last time, then tell me straight, no need hide here hide there like cat chase mice like that, call/sms you, just to find out your sis is using your phone... "as if i believe that your sis -Yi Jun- is using your phone" or you just too afraid to answer my call... Msn you also no reply. Scare ar ? no $ return ? i not asking you 1 time return me $500 OK ?!? I am just asking you to return by installment like $50 per month or $100 per month, i hardly believe you no $ because you working in IR now as dealer. You know there's a Chinese poem which goes " you jie you huan, zai jie zai huan "
Guess our friendship only worth $500. Why i say like that ? Because even $500 you already trying to run away with it ( not returning me ) you think i open bank one izzit or what...

Ok ok, i need to "忍精" i guess... no point angry with it.

Hmm since holiday tarting... i think i need to @ least pick up something new... some new hobby etc etc to my life more colorful, and not to forget, get to know more people ! =]

Hmm it's 0135 now... i think i should start flipping tru the Database book... exam is 12:30PM - 02:30pm @ MPH... sit number 169... good luck to me i guess, i need it... haha... then another thing is tomorrow i think i want to go for an interview after my exam @ 2:30pm @ AMK hub... anyone want join me work there, i think the pay i not bad... considering $6/hr rather then $4.50/hr as starting pay @ Swenson - CWP. so i might go like Tues + Wed work @ Swenson and Thur to Sun work @ Fish & Co. Hope the time-table is personalized like Swenson...

For now i think i gotta end my whole this long post with a song... ENJOY !! =]

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