Saturday, August 23, 2008

End of NDP... Start of NEW me ?

Hi all.. It's me again, miss me ? guess not. Can't say i too busy to even update blog, - am i emo or what ? - Maybe Sebas said was wrong, we are not a group of SACKERS but a group of emo-list... that's what i think...
Just recently i find that why had a phone while it won't ring once per day or even at least receive least one SMS in day ? pointless right...
{maybe i should cancel this line or just grab a Pre-Paid card to replace this SIM card which i paid monthly $30}

Why i am mid-range rich and don't had outgoing friends to ask me out...
{maybe what written was true -It's either you are rich and no friends or you are poor but got many friends- }

Wanted to go running this afternoon also... but look what happened ? it RAINED... !!!
GoH trainning is over for me... the last day was 28 August and i abit low on moral le... since my goal is to go for the NDP and appear on the TV ( which i had made it )...

Things that happened today:
- Took 1 day off just to rest @ home
- 4 Things happened in camp which i miss out the "fun"
- Can't seem solve the PunkBusterB problem
- Try till tu-lan and went watching Naruto Shippudent 72 online
- Went Bukit Panjang Plaza with mum to ask for the price but end up go the library and eat a very expensive dinner...
- Brought a psp "condom"
- Took taxi home
- On the way mum keep saying that " That time Yonghan follow you like your di di" in chinese, she even asked : "How is he now, still got contect with him ?" which i didn't reply the question and skip to next topic
- Finally get to solve the PunkBusterB problem and played till now... 3.46am

That's all happened today... oh ya 1 more
Later @ bed thinking back... that : "why am i such a jurk, expect things that can't possable be true"
am i a jurk or not you decide ba... me is like that lor... hmm thinking of earning $$$ but how ? now in NS... oh ya about NS... i just promoted to LCP which had a increase of $20 in my pay lolz... so what... got money no friend(s) still a saddiest after all...

Lastly... thanks for reading all my trash... i think i should delete this blog also since no-one's reading( or maybe i am wrong )

Everytime i think of YongHan.. i feels like there's a Golden Dagger is aready pierced tru my heart that i tried to pulled out
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