Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I see Blood =(

Hey !!! Bloggie... miss me ? Haha... today is my Day 3 in some country... dunno why got the mood to blog... XD

Missed my first additional lesson for C# on 18 June because of my Cousin, i am sick also that day... i had missed the second one which is on 21 June which is yesterday because... i think i had made a stupid idea - i will illiterate more about it more later - for now...

Let me try to compile whatever happen from Day 1 up to today ba Day 2 (can't write day 3 because now is only 1.44am)

Sunday - 20 06 10 - 9 1.A2 5.B4.3.9.B0.5.4
It is Today, in which i left my home country in search of some "get-away" from my hectic life in Singapore... my day starts somewhere around in 0515 or 0520, i think i forgotten it... went to Changi Airport T3 for some breakfast and ate what i so-called breakfast in MacDonald, the things sucks big time man... really sucks, the things are either over-cooked or under-cooked then we (me and my cousin) got in the Departure part of the terminal and went to the gate D40, the plane haven't even arrive... the plane only arrive @ around 0715... so i decided to use the free-net which is available at the waiting area there... to my surprise the first computer that i went to spoiled... so I had to wait for the guy... is it a guy or a gal on the 2nd computer to finish surfing the web.
We boarded the plane and arrive in the destination Xxxxxxxxx, we went to the counters there and "book" a taxi there which cost $80.30 to bring us to the place where i gonna "book-in" to stay... the place is nice, got a place for games, a kitchen and a bed. Just nice for i think close to 5 people stay man... so nice =|... when we were on the way in the taxi, we stop nearby a shopping complex, my cousin start intro me the place as he know the place very well... where got CyberCafes all that... till we finally feel that we need to go back to rest which is around 1200 or 1300, haha... then we rest till around i think 1700 and went off to get some dinner...

*** I should skip that happened after 2330 till next day because of some reason ***

Monday - 21 06 10 - B0.8.5 A4.9.7.8.B0 A5.6 B0.A8.B1.B0.8
My day started at around 0815 ? or 0900... Geeze i had bad memory man... went to a super super big shopping center there and played whole day there... found a mice which is actually cost $180 but i cut price till the shop reduce till $140... so i think it's a good catch and i got it... haha... after-all who would sell a razor mice @ such a cheap price haha...
went walking around the shopping complex then i saw blood... it's not my cousin's it's not someone's but it's MINE !!! omg... i had a bad nose-bleed... i still remember the last time i saw blood flowing out from my nose is i think a few years ago... and it's a very bad bleed, blood ooze out of my nose like water for a straight 5 - 10 mins while i try to stop the bleeding with ice... blood blood... everywhere T.T lucky nothing bad happened to me, i was lucky that the nose-bleed this time stop like 2 - 3 mins after i wash my face with water in the gents...
when i got back from the shopping mall, i had a bad sore throat, i can't even speak properly !!! omg... i think i gonna be mute tomorrow - 22 06 10 - sad.. sad.. haiz...

i think i gonna end my story today... good night...

or not....
i didn't end, because all this is hidden... so this is actually what really happened which made me skipped 2 of my extra C# lesson and took SOOOO many days off just to accompany my cousin... i guess i made a very wrong choice, after all, i am human, and i hate to say i MADE THIS STUPID choice - the choice is to went overseas with my cousin, i really hate to say i felt so... "OUT"
I think i had lost my voice totally and i kept coughing... like some dieing patient
They sleep in Air-con room, i sleep in what ? looks like a store-room to me ... i think i gonna sleep here ( in front of the computer for today ).. for now i think i go get my pillow, and blanket here so i can sit 1 corner, cuddle myself and sleep... Good NIGHT to you all... I hope i can speak again... Night!

I'm so sorry James,
I had made a wrong move,
Please forgive me(self)

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